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BC Cup Virtual Race #2 Recap: Godbe 2-for-2, Sosnowski Emerges

The second round of the BC Cup Virtual Race Series presented by Cobotix on Saturday, April 10th, saw riders circling a flat one-kilometre loop of the Canary Wharf course in London doing anywhere from 30 laps in the lower amateur categories up to 40 laps in the Pro/Cat 1 group.

There were several new riders joining the series in round two along with some familiar names from round one. The Men’s Pro/Cat1 ended with an exciting bunch sprint finish with Emil-peter Sosnowski (Hewdog Racing) taking first place followed by Above and Beyond Cancer p/b Bike World teammates Jude Sands and Randy Reichardt in second and third respectively.

It was Jacqueline Godbe (xXx Racing-Athletico) who took 1st place for the second week in a row, joined by Mallory Macrostie in 2nd, and Nadia Gontova in 3rd to round out the Women’s Pro/Cat1 podium.

Cole Guest, Tom Flower (Steed), Shane Alfreds (Lake City Cycling Club) and Shelley Navin, also took the wins in the amateur categories.

A big congratulations to all the participants and a special thank you to Ryan Cousineau and Brad Sohner for keeping us engaged and entertained during the livestream broadcast of the races which we have linked to a replay below.

The Top 3 results for each category in the BC Cup Virtual Race Series – Race #2 (Canary Wharf), Saturday, April 10th are as follows,

Pro / Cat 1 Men

1st Emil-peter Sosnowski (Hewdog Racing)
2nd Jude Sands (Above and Beyond Cancer p/b Bike World)
3rd Randy Reichardt (Above and Beyond Cancer p/b Bike World)

Series Leader: Matt Usborne (Above and Beyond Cancer p/b Bike World)

Pro / Cat 1 Women

1st Jacqueline Godbe (xXx Racing-Athletico)
2nd  Mallory Macrostie (Enshored pb PedalPower)
3rd Nadia Gontova 

Series Leader: Jacqueline Godbe (xXx Racing-Athletico)

Amateur Cat 2

1st Cole Guest
2nd Brett Boniface
3rd Quinn Anderson (Lost Boys)

Series Leader: Cole Guest

Amateur Cat 3

1st Tom Flower (Steed)
2nd Paul Green (Prince George Cycling Club)
3rd Erik Bayfield

Series Leader: Paul Green

Amateur Cat 4

1st Shane Alfreds (Lake City Cycling Club)
2nd Ian Walker
3rd Jimmy Archange

Series Leader: Ian Walker

Open Women

1st Shelley Navin
2nd –
3rd – 

Series Leader: Sisca Lien

Full results available here:

 Video Replay: 

We are halfway through the series with two more races to go including a gravel race on the Dirty Reiver course on Saturday, April 17th and the series finale on Saturday, May 1st (course TBD). Registration for each of the races is still open and will remain open until midnight on the Thursday before each race.

Registration is free if you hold a current Cycling BC membership licence or a licence from another cycling association. RGT Cycling is free to use with a basic account although a paid premium version is available with additional features.

For more information and to register for the BC Cup Virtual Series, go to

Photos by TLBVelo Photography. View the Photo Gallery

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