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Usborne and Godbe Lead Virtual BC Cup After Round 3 | Final Race Course Announced

The penultimate event of the BC Cup Virtual Race Series presented by Cobotix was a gravel race that took place on Saturday, April 17th, on the rolling terrain of the UK’s Dirty Reiver gravel racecourse. The 17.7-kilometre loop has been the longest so far in the series with an elevation gain of 225 metres. It was a sunny day in the virtual world and the surrounding scenery on the trails of the Dirty Reiver was as picturesque as any on the RGT Cycling platform.

The current women’s Pro/Cat1 series leader, Jacqueline Godbe (xXx Racing-Athletico), continued her dominance as she cruised to another first-place finish ahead of Pickle Juice Pro Cycling teammates Claire Cameron (2nd) and Zoe Saccio (3rd). In the Men’s Pro/Cat1 field, Bradley Bickley (Fulgas) narrowly took the win over Matt Usborne (Above and Beyond Cancer p/b Bike World) and Bruce Bird (Draft) finished in 3rd place. Godbe and Usborne will be heading into the final race at the top of the overall series standings. 

Luke Hubner (Capital City Racing) won the Cat 2 race in front of Vince Geisler (Tri-nerds) in 2nd and Taylor Mccoll in 3rd. In the Cat 3 group, it was Michael Matthews (Gastown Cycling Association) who crossed the line 1st, followed by Paul Green (Prince George Cycling Club) 2nd, and Vaughn Richards in 3rd. 

Final Race Course Announced

The final course of the series utilizes the RGT Cycling platform’s revolutionary ‘Magic Roads’ feature where you can upload a GPX file and re-create any road, anywhere in the world. The BC Cup Virtual Race Series final will take place on Saturday, May 1st, in the form of a 73-kilometre point-to-point road race. The course mimics the Mt. Sequoyah RR of the 2021 UCI Joe Martin Stage Race deep within the Ozark Mountains in Fayetteville, Arkansas. With 1,000m of climbing and projected finish times at around 1 hour and 45 minutes for the Pro/Cat1 men and 2 hours for the women, the series final is going to be a true test of virtual cycling mettle. Riders wanting to recon the course can use Magic Road ID “1xsMMiETlsnS” on RGT.

As the case has been for the entire series, race registration is free if you hold a current Cycling BC membership licence or a licence from another cycling association. RGT Cycling is free to use with a basic account although a paid premium version is available with additional features. For more information and to register, go to

Race fans can tune in to the live broadcast of the races with Ryan Cousineau and Brad Sohner providing live commentary. The races can be viewed on Cycling BC’s and Echelon Racing League’s Youtube and Facebook channels.

2021 BC Cup Virtual Race Series Results – Race #3 (Dirty Reiver), Saturday, April 17th

Pro / Cat 1 Men
1st Bradley Bickley (Fulgas)
2nd Matt Usborne (Above and Beyond Cancer p/b Bike World)
3rd Bruce Bird (Draft)

Series Leader: Matt Usborne (Above and Beyond Cancer p/b Bike World)

Pro / Cat 1 Women
1st Jacqueline Godbe (xXx Racing-Athletico)
2nd  Claire Cameron (Pickle Juice Pro Cycling)
3rd Zoe Saccio (Pickle Juice Pro Cycling)

Series Leader: Jacqueline Godbe (xXx Racing-Athletico)

Amateur Cat 2
1st Luke Hubner (Capital City Racing)
2nd Vince Geisler (Trinerds)
3rd Taylor Mccoll

Series Leader: Vince Geisler (Tri Nerds)

Amateur Cat 3
1st Michael Matthews (Gastown Cycling Association)
2nd Paul Green (Prince George Cycling Club)
3rd Vaughn Richards

Series Leader: Paul Green

Amateur Cat 4
1st Shane Alfreds (Lake City Cycling Club)
2nd Ian Walker
3rd Jimmy Archange

Series Leader: Shane Alfreds (Lake City Cycling Club)

Open Women
No race

Series Leader: Shelley Navin

Full results available here:

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