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2012 BC Cup Team Competition

New for 2012 Cycling BC will be introducing two levels of Team competition at BC Cup provincial events: Factory and Trophy teams.  We are looking to ramp up the team competition and get everyone involved in the fun.

Factory teams will be made up from athletes on a team roster and will be competing for money and year-end provincial team title.  Trophy teams are made up on the day with 5 athletes making a team.  They will compete for a trophy of the day.

Factory teams do not need to have sponsorship or support, they can be made up of any 5 to 10 athletes.  We have also added the opportunity for factory teams to pick up a Novice or Intermediate athlete for an event.  This athlete can be on the team for one or several events.

Create or join a team and get in on the excitement!

Rules that apply to Factory teams:

  1. Each Factory team must submit a team roster, when entering their team for the first time.  Teams can be up to 10 athletes, with a min of 1 Novice/Intermediates and 1 female. Additions to roster must be made prior to registration ending on the day.
  2. Novice/Intermediate athletes do not have to be on the team’s roster, they can be selected on the day from anyone registered.
  3. Any athletes registered with a team can’t race for a different team for a period of 4 weeks from last competition.  Athletes can only change teams once in a season.
  4. Each team can enter up to 2 team sheets, per event.
  5. Each team sheet must have 2 of 3: 1 female or 1 cruiser or 1 Novice/Intermediate (do not have to be on roster)
  6. Team must compete in 4 of 8 events, plus the finals to qualify for year-end awards.  When entering 2 teams at one event, only the best will count for year-end points.
  7. Entry fee $10
  8. Expert points will be awards to teams for year-end
  9. Awards: $150/event, *3 teams required for payout
  10. Payout: Top 3 – 1st – 50% ($75), 2nd – 30% ($45), 3rd – 20% ($30)

Rules that apply to Trophy teams

  1. Get 5 friends together to race for a team trophy
  2. Athletes can’t be on a Factory team
  3. Athletes on a team sheet can change from event to event
  4. No year end prizing
  5. Entry fee $2
  6. Award: trophies for top 3

Rules that apply to all teams:

  1. Scoring:  Athletes receive points as they finish in motos and final finish, the lowest 4 of 5 athletes count to the team score.  The lowest team score wins.
  2. If an athlete is racing in 2 classes they can be entered on a team sheet twice
  3. If an athlete races in a class combined of a higher proficiency will be scored with team points from the table of the higher proficiency.
  4. Team sheet entries must be turned in between the rider’s list being posted and before motos are posted
  5. Team sheets must be turned in no later then 15 minutes following the event.
  6. Winners of Saturday’s competition will participate in Sunday’s flag lap.


 Cycling BC Team Roster Sheet