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Project 13:NZ

Cycling BC is pleased to announce a new project to our line of team programs.  We currently have our Youth Development team, Junior Development team, and Team BC.  We are now adding another annual program, Project 13:NZ to the list.

Project 13:NZ is Cycling BC helping a group of qualified and selected challenge athletes prepare and travel to the 2013 UCI BMX World Championships in Auckland, New Zealand to represent Canada in the 12, 14 and 16 year old UCI classes.  Athletes racing in the 11,13 & 15 year old UCI classes in 2012 are eligible for the qualification process.

Athletes born in 2001, 1999 &1997 will be qualified to the selection pool based on their by results from the BC Cup series and BC Championships.  The 2 athletes in each age group and gender with the highest score will be selected to the pool.  Once selected to the pool athletes will be invited to a selection camp where they will be tested.  Following the selection camp 8 athletes will be selected to the team.  Selected athletes will then have 6 months of training with BC Coaches before traveling to the World Championships.

Funding for Project 13:NZ will be a 3 way partnership with Cycling BC, Selected athletes and fundraising.

The goal of the project is provide young athletes with the highest level of competition available, help them prepare for the competition and give them the opportunity to represent their country at the World Championships.

Our goal is build future Canadian Olympians.  We look to continue the program each year involving the top 12, 14 & 16 years olds.  By selecting athletes every other year, a different group of athletes will be given the opportunity to qualify for the experience each year.  This will also allow, athletes and families of qualifying athletes  a year between to further prepare themselves.

Qualification to Selection pool Details:

Athletes will receive points from the following events: The scores from each are added together to determine the Top 2 in each age group.

Place Points
Novice Int. Expert
1st 10 15 20
2nd 8 13 18
3rd 7 12 17
4th 6 11 16
5th 5 10 15
6th 4 9 14
7th 3 8 13
8th 2 7 12


¨     BC Cup series (Final ranking)

¨     BC Championships (All athletes receive expert points)

The following points table will be used for each event:
2 Coaches selection athletes may also be added to the Pool.

Total of 14 athletes may be selected to the pool.


Minimum skill requirements to be in Pool:

–       Athletes may be required to demonstrate a minimum skill level to be selected to the Pool.  Skills include; Bunny hop, Jump and manualing

Selection Camp: (Fall 2012)

  • At the Camp athletes will evaluated by; skill based tests, ability to learn, and from competition results
  • Only athletes demonstrating abilities to be competitive at World Championships will be selected.
  • A maximum of 8 athletes will be selected for Project 13:NZ