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BC Cup #3 & 4 Report

Last week in seeing the forecasted weather the BMX commission finalized a plan for unfavorable weather.  Right away the plan was put to the test this past weekend.  With heavy rainfall on Saturday and rain clearing up on Sunday.  The goal of the unfavorable weather plan is allow the athletes and parents to stay home or away from the track (in dry conditions) until conditions improve or we have to call the race.  One of the key features is that we will not close registration until race time is a go ahead.   Overall it looked like this plan worked well, when the race was delayed on Sunday and then ran the race at 1pm.
BC Cup #3 – North Shore BMX

BC Cup #3 was rained out last Saturday and has now been rescheduled for July 21st.  The event will take place at the North Shore BMX track in North Vancouver.  An updated schedule is posted on our BC Cup page.  Registration will be open for the posted times.

While the North Shore BMX club was excited and hoping to run the races on Saturday.  They are looking to have a new gate installed before the rescheduled event and are excited for rider’s to come out and check out their track.
BC Cup #4 – Action BMX

Once again it was raining, but it showed promise to clear up.  We delayed for 2 hours and were left with a tough decision at 11am because blue skies were moving in but not as fast as we hoped.   We went ahead with at 1pm start, the track was still a little wet at the beginning of the racing but dried out as the racing wetn on.  Action BMX put on a great race in some difficult conditions.


Results and updated points are posted on the BC Cup page.


Enough with this Juneuary weather summer is here in two days.