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Abbotsford SX Hill open times: August 2012

The SX hill in Abbotsford will be open for the following time:

Monday’s 6-9pm
Wednesday 5:30 – 7 and after racing
Aug 28th -30th – Noon to 5pm

If a group of people would like to have it open for other time, please contact to set up training times.

Abbotsford SX Hill Information

Our goal is to provide access to as many athletes as possible in the safest manner. We will have an age restriction for usage of the hill of 14 years of age (UCI born in 1997) and older. We will provide access to athletes under the age of 14 with the permission and presence of an approved Provincial Coach. We want to provide access to exceptional under aged athletes however, safety is a major concern for us and we want them to experience the hill in the safest possible manner.

We also want to promote the safety of everyone involved. To do so we feel that the top of the SX hill should be reserved for athletes and there respective coaches. We don’t want this to be a gathering point for people to sit and watch.

Safety gear:

All athletes using the SX Hill must have full BMX safety gear (gloves, long sleeve top, full-face helmet, long pants or shorts with knee/shin protection). It is recommended that athletes wear knee and elbow protection. All athletes under the age of 18 must wear knee and elbow protection.


All athletes must have a current UCI license to use the SX hill.


Canadian UCI holders who want to ride the hill can do so with proof of licence and signing a waiver at a cost of $25 for one day or $35 for the rest of 2012.

International riders must show proof of a valid UCI licence and sign a waiver and pay $25 for each day.