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Project 13:NZ – Selection pool annnounced

Early in 2012 we announced a program to help train and prepare athletes for the World Championships in Auckland, NZ.  We are happy to announce the athletes that have qualified for the selection camp for Project 13:NZ.

Selected athletes will receive training and coaching before traveling to the World Championships.

Funding for Project 13:NZ will be a 3 way partnership with Cycling BC, Selected athletes and fundraising.

The goal of the project is provide young athletes with the highest level of competition available, help them prepare for the competition and give them the opportunity to represent their country at the World Championships.
 Our goal is build future Canadian Olympians. We look to continue the program each year involving the top 12, 14 & 16 years olds. By selecting athletes every other year, a different group of athletes will be given the opportunity to qualify for the experience each year. This will also allow, athletes and families of qualifying athletes a year between to further prepare themselves.

We would like to congratulation the follow athletes for qualifying for the selection pool:

Alex Grecht Benjamin Leslie
Aidan MacDonald Logan MacDonald
Drew  Mechielsen Jared  Oberndorf
Chase Sherrington Austin Taylor
Karsen Tielen Breanna Vriend
Maja Woolley


For Information please visit our High Performance page on the Cycling BC BMX website.


Information for Project 14:NED coming soon