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Walnut Grove Secondary School Students Get Coached by Adam Muys in a 4X Learn-to-Race Session

On Thursday, Jan. 24th., about a dozen members of the Walnut Grove Secondary School mountain bike club managed to extricate themselves early from their various classes to head to the Abbotsford Indoor BMX track.  Here they met with Adam Muys for a two hour ‘Learn-to-Race’ session designed to encourage participation in the sport of 4X, as well as improving their skills.  The session was a rousing success.



They worked on leaving the gate, riding the rhythm sections, cornering, proper jump techniques, and a variety of other skills.  The growth in confidence and enthusiasm after this session was noticeable, as they boasted about the skills they’d learned, and as they immediately began practicing those skills throughout the remainder of the evening.



As a teacher, I could only watch with envy at the level of attention the kids paid to this lesson, and their willingness to throw themselves into the practice.  By the time the lesson was over, the boys all looked spent:  tired, sweaty, and exhausted.  Fifteen minutes later, however, they were all back on the track, putting their new found skills into practice.


How much they enjoyed the session was evident the next day, when the talk was still all about the session the day before.

Russ Simpson
Walnut Grove Secondary School