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Another Great Week-end at the Abbotsford Indoor BMX Track

The indoor BMX/4X season is a great time for riders to maintain and build their skills on the track while the weather is dreary. This past weekend saw another great group of riders participate in Coaching and Development camps.

On Friday night we held our first Adult Female Development Camp where 12 eager women showed up to learn new skills and improve on current bike handling skills. The feedback from the group was great!  Laughter resounded throughout the track as they worked on pumping, cornering, gates, bunny hopping and jumping. They pushed themselves, but always remembering to  “Be like water”, like Bruce Lee.


“Every now and then while coaching something will happen that I won’t soon forget” said coach Adam Muys.  Adam describes the following skill development session “During the camp I had one of these moments.  After conquering bunny hopping I announced to the group that we are going to move to jumping on the track. All 12 female athletes stared at me like I was crazy thinking they could jump while riding the track! I lined up the soccer cones on the table out of the 1st turn, explained how to jump, demonstrated and then sent them off to jump.   Slowly they all took their turns attempting to make the jump, one by one they all jumped the cones they were hooked!  Giddy like they were 8 again. One comment was “Just one more jump Adam!” they all wanted to jump all night.”


Big thanks to Laurie Harding, Tara Mowat, Nicole Rochefort and Adam muys for helping make the camp a great success.

On Saturday, nine coaches took part in the NCCP BMX Skills and Tactics course at the track.  It is great see the interest building for our coaching programs.  Following the course Abbotsford BMX held another great race with the Pro-am and open classes.

Sunday morning saw another fun day of full-gate racing.  There were semifinals in three of the five classes! After racing, the Junior Development Team (12-14 year old athletes) had there second camp for the 2013 season.

Mischa Partridge, Team Canada BMX Athlete led the Junior Development Camp and had each athlete working to take their skills to the next level.  Highlights included wrong foot pump races, synchronized rhythm races, pull manualing, first straight funnel, and the always-popular high jump rope.

It’s great to see these young athletes develop their skills at the local track! Thank you to Darien Landers, Laurie Harding, Mackie Leslie, Mischa Partridge and Adam Muys for helping with the camp.


Next weekend at indoor: BC Cup #1 & #2   Special thanks to Abbotsford BMX for all their hard work to make it happen!