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Call of Interest: Female Program Development Committee BMX

The Cycling BC BMX program is looking to create a Female Program Development Committee.  The goals of the committee would be to:
  • Increase female participation in BMX
  • Develop programs to encourage female development in BMX
  • A voice for female athletes to the BMX commission
The Cycling BC BMX community female participation is 18%, we would like to increase these numbers.
Questions to be address by this committee are:
  • How to we promote our sport as a female friendly sport?
  • How can we improve to help our current female athletes?
The committee will consist of 5 female members or parents of female members.   The committee will be completely athlete driven.
We would like to hold a preliminary interest meeting and invite all female members as well as their parents of female members.
The meeting will take place on Sunday February 17th, following BC Cup #2 in Abbotsford.  The goal of the meeting will be to introduce the committee mandate and select members to the committee.