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US Riders – Are They Allowed to Race in Canada?


A NOTE TO ALL 2014 RACE ORGANIZERS: Only US UCI Riders Can Race in Canada

We ask that all riders have a USA UCI cycling license and that they show proof of medical coverage for the period they are racing and training in Canada at your bmx track, road and/or mountain bike race location. American riders must show proof of medical coverage while in Canada, as we do not cover their out of country medical expenses, and do not allow them to race at events without proof of that coverage.

“American riders with a USCF DOMESTIC license will NOT be permitted to race.  Foreign riders are not allowed to participate in races outside their country unless they possess an INTERNATIONAL UCI License, along with foreign permission letter and proof of medical coverage.”

The UCI license MUST be presented at time of race registration.  Riders with a US Domestic License are only allowed to race in events taking place within the USA.  Racing outside of the United States, even if using a one day permit, is against UCI rules.

UCI = Union Cycliste Internationale is the world governing body for sports cycling and oversees international competitive cycling events.

USCF = United States Cycling Federation is the national governing body for bicycle racing in the United States.  The USCF changed it’s name from USA Cycling in 1975.