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BMX Team Camp Recap

The BMX high performance team started their season this weekend at Abbotsford Indoor BMX. On Saturday the team athletes rode on the indoor track, starting out with a good warm up and then a solid session of gates.

After a short break, the athletes put on their flat pedals for some skill sessions. The athletes worked on building their skills in the rhythm section by trying some “out of the ordinary lines”, causing them to manual, pump and jump, where they wouldn’t normally do so. They followed this up with a high jump contest. With just a few hours’ break, most of the team was out racing in the evening.

On Sunday, the team moved to the Richmond Oval for a strength and conditioning session with national team and CSI strength and conditioning coach Kit Wong. Kit led the group through a proper warm up, explosive throws and the Olympic lifts. For a few of the athletes, this was their first time experiencing some of these lifts and after a quick learning curve they started to get the hang of it.  The team will be working with Kit regularly throughout the season, so there will be plenty of opportunities for athletes to perfect their lifting techniques.

Here’s what a couple of the athletes had to say:

It was great to ride together with the team again and catch up, we had smashed out some gates together and had fun with the high jump.  I’m looking forward to the next camp.

– Zach Friar


The track session on Saturday was a blast, had fun training with the other athletes. Adam had cool fun games for working on track skills. Kit was really thorough with our form for certain lifts and exercises.

– Ben Leslie


It was great to get an idea of the training that the national team does. Kit was awesome at teaching me the proper form as I start learning about strength & conditioning and how it will help with my racing.

– Ryan Tougas

Coach Kit Wong analyzing the athletes' form
Box Jumps!
Strength and conditioning at the Richmond Oval
High Jump Competition
Training at Abbotsford Indoor BMX track