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BMX Development Camp Recap

A well groomed Abbotsford BMX track was host to Saturday’s Cycling BC BMX development camp. Under sunny skies almost the entire team was in attendance for this fifth and final training camp of the season. Many of the team were showcasing their newly-earned Provincial Champion jerseys from just a week earlier.

The teams focus for the day was getting outside of their comfort zone.  This is always challenging, but a hugely important skill at all levels of BMX, from beginners to professionals. The team took on this task whole heartedly, riding with aggression and pushing themselves to try new skills. “I was very impressed with the level of competitiveness out on the track today.” said coach Mischa Partridge. Now, more than halfway through the season, riders were proving they are competition-tested and ready.

To finish off the day, coach James Palmer had a few fun games planned for the team including high jump and long jump competitions. Palmer was happy to set the bar for his team to chase, and despite some valiant efforts, his world class skills left the team impressed and inspired.

With Canadian Championships fast approaching, there are still a number of opportunities to gain points towards selection for next season’s team. Full details can be found here.