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BMX Devo Team Training Camp Update

The BMX Development team kicked off their outdoor season on Saturday, May 6th with their 2nd training camp of the year.

Under sunny skies, the team worked on their jumping and manualing skills for the first half of the day. The Action BMX track’s technical design was a perfect venue for riders to push their limits, as they focus on performing their skills at full speed.

The second half of the day was all about gate technique and first straight speed. Competing in groups to simulate a racing environment, riders worked hard on first straight, half lap, and full lap races.

The team ended the day with head coach Mischa Partridge walking them through a BMX sprint program. “This age is really a great time to introduce athletes to some structured training and begin learning the basics of how to train both on and off the track,” said their coach.

With three weeks before the next BC BMX Premier series race, this is valuable time on the Action BMX track for the team to dial in their race lines before the big event.

Working on gate starts