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Final BMX Development Camp

What a way to finish off the 5th and final camp for our BMX Development team with a training camp in the pouring rain!

We had 11 athletes in attendance for our final camp of the season out at the Abbotsford Bmx track and despite the wet conditions outside, it was awesome to see everyone keeping their spirits high and have such a positive attitude on the day! With a couple races left to go this season, the team started off working on some skill sets through the rhythm section and last straightaway, then adding in group efforts to bring some intensity to the session. The girls were able to get some great practice on their jumping skills on the last straight while also getting to practice their manuals at the same time.

The rain kept coming down all day, the track got super muddy, but the effort everyone was putting in didn’t seem to slow down at all which was awesome to see! – James Palmer

To keep all the athletes in race shape, we worked on our form out of the gate and transferred that into some more group efforts to battle down the first straight. The team then got to have some fun at the end when we went back to the rhythm section and played some games that challenged everyone to some new lines on the last couple straightaways, it really was a good end to a rainy day!