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May BMX Dev Team Camp Recap

The Provincial Development BMX team was in action at Action this past weekend. In preparation for the 2018 Provincial Championships race on May 26 at Action BMX club.  The team had a great day of training with coach Mischa Partridge along with the help of longtime BC team member, Jared Ennis.

After a good warm up, the day started with working on fundamental skills such as manualing and jumping. With a good variety of technical obstacles, the Surrey track offered a great venue for this level of riders to push their skills to the next level. After a short break, the team shifted their focus from skill development to race preparation. Riders worked with the coaches to find their fastest lines around the track, and practiced some full laps in groups to turn up the intensity.

“I love the competitiveness that this group has. Everyone wants to be in the gate, and everyone wants to get to the finish line first” commented coach Partridge. “All I have to do is show them the best way to get there”.

After a great showing of effort from the team on a hot day, the group spent the last 15 minutes of the camp reflecting on what they did well, and what the still needed to be improve before the upcoming competition.