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2019 Cycling BC Memberships Available Starting December 1st

Cycling BC memberships for 2019 will be available for purchase online through CCN starting December 1, 2018. Cycling BC has maintained the same individual membership licence fee structure for 2019 while delivering even more value.




Early bird pricing (a 10% discount) will be valid from December 1, 2018, until midnight, January 6, 2019
. An additional 10% family discount will be applied to families purchasing licences for a minimum of one adult and two children (under 19) who are all living in the same household.

Get your 2019 Cycling BC Licence early to take advantage of the insurance benefits for the full twelve months (Jan-Dec). This includes General Liability Insurance during all Cycling BC sanctioned events, including club rides. You also get the benefit of 24/7 Ride Accident insurance covering bodily injuries while cycling anywhere in the world, or during Cycling BC sanctioned events, either as a rider, coach, spectator, or volunteer.

Cycling BC continues to work hard to give you more value for your membership dollar. This year, we have added several member benefits partners that have extended product/service discounts for Cycling BC members. Cycling BC will continue to build on these member benefits into 2019 and beyond.

No matter which kind of licence you get, your Cycling BC membership helps to grow the sport of cycling throughout the province by supporting Cycling BC’s schools & youth program called iRide, coach development, officials training, and the development of athletes in Cycling BC’s High Performance program helping to catapult them to success at the national and international level.




1. Enduro has been added as a new discipline. Code is ‘EN’

2. UCI Category Upgrades – If you wish to apply for a UCI category upgrade to take effect in 2019, please submit a category upgrade application on CCN concurrent with your 2019 membership purchase.

  • Category upgrades for the 2019 season will be processed free of charge when submitted at the same time as a 2019 membership purchase until January 6, 2019.
  • Note that a rider can only move 1 category per season. If you met the upgrade requirements in 2018 but do not apply for an upgrade prior to your 2019 license being issued, you may be restricting your ability to upgrade again in 2019.
  • Please refer to our category upgrade policy.

3. Remind and encourage your club to affiliate with Cycling BC!

4. New! Take advantage of our new coach development services.

5. Technical License holders –  if you are registering for a UCI technical license please ensure that you have met the requirements of the technical role specified on your license. i.e. Coaches must be NCCP trained, staff drivers must have completed the Cycling Canada caravan driver course,
Commissaires must have completed a certified commissaire training course and completed the mentorship program.



Please review the four Cycling BC licensing options and choose the correct licence that meets your needs.

Provincial RIDE

Choose Provincial RIDE if you are interested in club rides and activities or racing at the novice level in BC only. Provincial Ride licence holders DO NOT have access to categorized racing in any discipline.

  • Provincial Ride license holders can race Open, Novice or Category 5 races if offered by a race organizer.
  • Provincial Ride license holders can participate in fondos or mass participation events sanctioned by Cycling BC.
  • Provincial Ride license holders can NOT race in Provincial Championship events.

Provincial RACE

Choose Provincial RACE if you are interested in Categorized Racing in BC only including BC Cup and Provincial Championships.

  • Provincial Race licence holders can race in downhill, XC and Road Provincial Cup events that are sanctioned by Cycling BC.
  • Provincial Race licence holders can NOT race outside of BC.
  • Provincial Race licence holders can NOT race in UCI or Nationally sanctioned categories at national or international events. This includes U17 Expert, Jr Expert and Elite categories at Canada Cup mountain bike races, Masters categories at the National Master Road Cycling Championships or UCI road events such as the Whitespot Delta Road Race and the Gastown Grandprix.

UCI Licence

Choose a UCI license if you are interested in racing outside of BC or Canada, or in UCI or nationally sanctioned events in BC.

  • UCI licenses are required for competing in National Championships and nationally sanctioned races including downhill and cross-country Canada Cup events.
  • UCI licenses are required to compete in the 2019 Enduro National Championships.
  • UCI licenses are required to compete in UCI road events (e.g. Gastown Grand Prix, Whitespot Delta Road Race).

UCI Technical License

Choose a UCI Technical license if you wish to work as a commissaire, coach, team manager, soigneur, organizer, mechanic, caravan driver, agent.


A breakdown of the 2019 membership fees & early bird pricing is copied below.

Licence Type Fee *
Early Bird Price (until midnight Jan.6, 2019)
Provincial RIDE licence $60 $54
Provincial RACE licence Adult $90, Youth $60 Adult $81, Youth $54
UCI licence
12 and under $55 $49.50
13 – 16 years $70 $63
17 – 22 years $135 $121.50
23 and older $160 $144.00
UCI TECHNICAL licence ** $85 $76.50