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BMX Team Training Camp Heats Up in Abby

The BMX High Performance and Development teams braved 35+ degree heat on BC’s hottest day of the year, Sunday, August 16th during a team training camp at the Abbotsford BMX track.

Rising above comfort zones was the theme of the day as the Abbotsford BMX outdoor track features a world-class Supercross hill and a pro line that stacks up to international standards. Taking advantage of the team’s opportunity to use the facility, Cycling BC’s provincial team coach, Mischa Partridge, focused on pushing the team past their comfort zones.

“I always tell them if you aren’t getting squirrely, you aren’t learning,” says Partridge. “It’s important to remember that you won’t grow and improve as an athlete if you keep practising what you are already good at; still many of us spend so much time doing just that.” With a pro rhythm section on the third straight, many of the young riders mustered up the courage to try the section for the very first time and were pleasantly surprised at their own success.

The Cycling BC team was also joined by a couple of riders from the Alberta provincial team who were in town training at the Abbotsford track so the riders got a little taste of some unofficial inter-provincial competition. Cycling BC is still limiting the high performance training camps to regional sessions at this time so while the athletes will be staying close to home, coach Mischa will travel to the next BMX training camp at Oceanside BMX in Qualicum for all the Vancouver Island team members on August 29th.

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