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Cycling BC implementation of a long term model for participation and performance

Within Cycling BC, our strategic plan is the guide and measure for success and growth of the organisation over the period 2009-13. The early period of any strategic activity is a critical building phase upon which later success is built. Based on the current financial stability, competition success, and managerial structure, Cycling BC is in a position now to focus resources on specific late-stage Key Result Areas previously identified. As we now enter the final two years of the plan, we are poised to exploit the developed capacity, realising large- step gains.

Sport development is the deliberate planning and activity taken by an organisation to build infrastructure supporting and promoting competition by athletes. Building a holistic structure based on well- founded rationale and modeling considering the sport population results in healthy planned growth. With ambition, Cycling BC is extending the portfolio of development to target the most significant priorities of our sport system: coaching, schools, and youth. These address national, provincial, sport, and individual needs. Under management of the Director of Development, we will directly address the Key Result Areas of

  • Developing the cycle sport coaching system
  • Recruiting new participants to cycle sports
  • Increasing education opportunities for our key elements