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Cycling BC is in the process of building our coach development program through presentation of education and training modules for new and current coaches.  Over the coming weeks starting in March 2012, various modules will be made available for registration and participation in a pilot of our new delivery mode.  The first of the modules is scheduled for 14Mar2012.  Registration can be found here.

The Developing Athletic Abilities for Cycling module is part of the Training to Race group of courses and is required for coaches seeking accreditation in the NCCP Trained or Certified status.  The Effective Leadership & Making Decisions module is part of the Training Basics group of courses and is required for Instructors and Coaches requesting a technical license from Cycling BC.

Check back on the Clinics & Workshops tab to see upcoming courses.  To inquire about delivering a group of modules together, or sessions in other regions, contact us directly.