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Coach Certification

Cycling coaches seeking certification through the Coaching Association of Canada NCCP can now apply online to commence the process.  There are two routes available to coaches for evaluation,

  1. Apply to the Canadian Cycling Association to take part in an online evaluation

  2. Apply to Cycling BC to take part in a site visit evaluation

Both options are available immediately and involve the same basic steps as follows,

  1. Complete the Make Ethical Decisions Online Evaluation: Competition-Introduction

  2. Apply online and pay the fee (either Cycling BC or CCA as above)

  3. Submit a completed and satisfactory CCA Coach Portfolio

  4. Successfully take part in the evaluation supporting a cyclist in competition

The certification process has been slow in recent years, but with two clear avenues to progress forward, all coaches should have an option to take part.  Certification is available for any coach trained in the Cycling NCCP Competition-Introduction context, any coach previously trained or certified in the Old NCCP Levels, or any coach who is active and chooses to challenge the evaluation process.

Questions should be directed to the Cycling BC Director of Development.