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Cycling BC announces an initiative in support of women in coaching

Increasing participation numbers and leadership roles for women is a priority for Cycling BC.  As a strategy to support the outcome of closing gender parity in the ranks of performance coaches over the next three years, Cycling BC is accepting applications from candidates to enter a program supporting women as coaches of performance cycling athletes.  The aims are

To promote and highlight the role women can take in performance cycling sports,

To create a clear pathway for women to chose performance coaching as an occupation, and

To provide increased opportunities for women to gain training and experience as performance cycling coaches. 


Cycling BC is also seeking input and advice from women in experienced senior ranks to shape and contribute to an evolving program in British Columbia.


The Women in Coaching program will enroll two new candidates each year starting with the first cycle in fall 2012.  Applications will be accepted from Nov 30th to Dec 15th annually.  To qualify, applicants must meet the following criteria,

  • Submit a complete application, and agree to the code of conduct and roles & responsibilities (see below)
  • Maintain a Cycling BC membership and hold a technical license as Coach for the duration of the program
  • Maintain a membership with Coaches BC for the duration of enrollment (
  • Currently hold minimum accreditation of NCCP Trained Racing Coach, & tracking toward Certification for Intro to Comp by March 2013
  • Have at least two years experience as a coach of athletes in competition, or a combination of coaching and experience as a performance athlete by the date of application
  • Coach a development cycling athlete in the Training to Train or Training to Compete stage for the duration of the program
  • Not currently be competing at a high performance level (athletes in transition will be considered)
  • Available and ambitious to complete the training and experience to achieve accreditation as Certified Performance Coach (NCCP Comp-Dev) within two years


After the deadline dates, applications will be reviewed by an impartial panel of experts in coach development.  Candidates accepted into the program will be offered priority in consideration for Team BC projects including training camps and national multisport games.  Pending the outcome of granting agency applications and sponsorship requests, they will also be directly supported to complete all components of NCCP training through to Certification in the Competition-Development context (Certified Performance Coach).  Additional benefits will be announced as the program evolves and funding is created to support a full development pathway.


To apply for acceptance into the program, a coach should submit the following by email to

  • A cover letter that includes the outline of a plan to accomplish her coaching goals
  • A resume of her coaching & athletic career
  • Two letters of support from former coaches or employers


Roles & Responsibilities

  • Participants in the Women in Coaching program are selected for their potential as future coaches of BC athletes transitioning into high performance cycling sports.
  • As coaches in the program, priority will be given for selection to participate with Team BC events including camps, competitions, and national games.
  • It is expected that coaches will demonstrate leadership potential to be the Head Coach or an Assistant Coach for Team BC in at least one National/Regional Summer Games.
  • Coaches will be asked to participate in at least two events each year, in addition to maintaining ongoing coaching of individual athletes.
  • Participants in the program must be available to take on lead roles in planning and managing projects leading up to national multisport games (an agreed reasonable time commitment).
  • Coaches must complete NCCP training in the six Multisport Competition-Development modules within the first year of enrollment.
  • Coaches must be available to take part in the Cycling Canada Competition-Development modules as they are offered, and generally must complete those within two years after enrollment.


Codes of Conduct

Participants in the program will be expected to demonstrate conduct to the highest standards and act within the codes of Cycling BC Coaches, and Coaches of Canada.