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Cycling Canada Coaching Recognition Awards

From Cycling Canada:

Coaching is at the heart of cycling performance at every level from teaching basic cycling skills in a school or club through to training athletes for the Olympic Games or Tour de France.


One of the key milestones in the progression of any athlete is to become Canadian Champion. The CC Coaching development Committee wants to recognize the contributions of the outstanding coaches who dedicate their time and effort to ensuring that athletes are well supported in their preparation and in competition projects to achieve their best performances at the Canadian Championships.



  • Coaches whose Canadian athletes or teams win gold while competing at any of the Canadian Cycling Championships in the following championship categories and *events:
BMX Elite    M-W Junior M-W 16       M-W 15       M-W
Road Elite    M-W U23    M-W Junior M-W
MTB XCO Elite    M-W U23    M-W Junior M-W U17 M-W
MTB DHI Elite    M-W Junior M-W
Track Elite    M-W Junior M-W U17 M-W
Cyclo Cross Elite    M-W U23      M Junior  M-W


*To know which events are Championships events you must consult the technical guide produced for each Canadian Championships. 


To qualify for the recognition awards, a coach must:

  • be NCCP certified in any Cycling context or level;
  • be a Canadian citizen, or a permanent resident who contributes to the Canadian sport system;
  • be a licensed Coach in the year of the Championship;
  • have worked on a regular basis with the athlete.
  • The nomination must be supported by the athlete; (Only ONE coach will be recognized for each medal-winning performance.)

The application form must be completed and submitted to Cycling Canada by email only in order for the coach to be considered for the Cycling Canada Recognition Award.

The qualifying period for the 2015 Cycling Canada Coaching Recognition Award is September 15th, 2014 to September 15th, 2015.

The submission deadline for the 2015 Cycling Canada Coaching Recognition Award is September 25, 2015 

If you have any questions please contact Elizabeth Kiraly