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Thrills & Skills Cycling Co. Brings iRide After-school Program to Nanaimo

The Thrills & Skills Cycling Co. based in Nanaimo, BC, recently concluded a six-week iRide after-school program between September 10th and October 15th, where a group of nine young riders between the ages of 8-12 learned to take their bike riding skills to the next level.

The program was held mostly on a large field at Diver Lake Park in Nanaimo where Thrills & Skills Cycling head coach, Stephen Pilcher, led the young rippers through controlled practice sessions focusing on skill progression and development. The kids then had the opportunity to put their newly honed skills to the test by riding some single-track trails in the area and on the small pump track at the park.

It wasn’t just the kids whose skills were put to the test as coach Stephen Pilcher also had to deal with delivering a program for participants with a wide range of skill levels and adjusting the lessons accordingly. As a NCCP Certified and Trained coach, it was a challenge that Stephen was prepared to meet as he masterfully modified the practice’s intensity and drills to keep the sessions challenging and fun for each kid.

“All in all the program was a great success,” says Pilcher. “During the program, we talked several times about going to the Steve Smith Bike Park and each time it was brought up, the kids faces lit up with joy.” To the kids’ delight, on the last day of the program, Stephen took them to the neighbouring Steve Smith Bike Park just a few minutes away and they all absolutely loved it.

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