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Cycling BC Youth Coaching Policy Update

Updated April 3, 2021, and January 28, 2022

Cycling BC is updating its requirements for club/team coaches working with riders under the age of 17.  The changes under this new policy are designed to help Cycling BC affiliated clubs/teams achieve the following:

  • Meet new Safe Sport guidelines
  • Expand coach knowledge and skills
  • Enhance professional credibility and competence
  • Standardize the quality of youth cycling experiences

As of April 1, 2021*, Cycling BC affiliated youth clubs/trade teams that deliver programs for riders under the age of 17 are expected to have:

  • At least 1 certified NCCP Competition-Introduction coach
    • Referred to on our website as a certified NCCP Club Coach.
    • This entire pathway is designed to be completed in 8-12 weeks.
    • This is designed to help ensure all clubs have at least 1 person who understands the Long-Term Athlete Development Model and can lead a program (riders and assistant coaches) through a full 10-30 week season.
    • Alternatively, Comp-Dev certification is also accepted.
  • Assistant coaches are required to complete a portion of the pathway
    • This includes either Community Theory OR Club Theory A, and 2 days of outdoor practice teaching (Basic Skills, plus their choice of one Club Skills module: Road, BMX, Track or Mtn. Bike).
    • This is designed to ensure that all club coaches know how to run a practice and teach a skill.
    • Please note, coaches who enroll in Community Theory but decide to pursue Club Coach “certified” status in the future, will still need to complete the Club Theory A module.
  • Coaches with previous certifications, including PMBI Level 2 instructors can apply to undergo a private observation ($100) as part of their NCCP Club Coach training program. Please see the full policy above for full details.
  • All coaches will be expected to register as a coach at ($0) and agree to the Responsible Coaches Movement, including the Rule of 2.
  • All coaches will be expected to provide a background screening with an emphasis on vulnerable persons, i.e., youth
    • A variety of options are available to complete this task
      • Email a PDF copy of a recent screening
      • If their employer already has a copy, the employer can send through a quick letter/email indicating when it expires
      • Get a background screening completed at your local RCMP (if you are a volunteer, they usually do not charge you), then submit it by email
      • Get a background screening completed online through Cycling BC’s account with Backcheck ($50) (link)
  • Youth clubs/trade teams are also strongly encouraged to ensure that all coaches carry Basic First Aid training and an updated first aid kit

How to meet this requirement:

  • Many of the modules are available now for your coaches to complete before the April 1st deadline*. Theory modules are conducted online via ZOOM and a home study option is also available.
  • Youth clubs and trade teams affiliating with Cycling BC for the first time are granted a grace period. Please schedule a consultation to plan a coach development timeline for your organization.
  • An illustrated infographic of the pathways is attached below. Interested coaches should view our coach course calendar and register anytime at

For any questions about these policies or about cycling coaching courses, please contact Ben Chaddock, Cycling BC Head of Coach Development & iRide Manager at (604) 224-7433 or E-mail

*There is an ongoing grace period for new clubs and those who begin programming later in the calendar year. Contact us to help establish the coach development plan unique to your club’s needs.