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Updated Club Learn-to-Ride/Learn-to-Race Requirements

Updated Club Learn-to-Ride/Learn-to-Race Requirements

It is apparent that there has been a rising interest in cycling over the past year and a half. Bicycle sales have rocketed, ridership has gone up, and many clubs have experienced rapid growth in membership.

Cycling BC encourages as many people as possible to begin their cycling journey with the support of a local club like yours. With this comes an opportunity to provide quality instruction and coaching to new riders so that they can feel safe and ride with confidence.

To help distinguish Cycling BC’s registered clubs as having the best standards for safety and training, we are continuing to expand NCCP coach training and certification requirements across all of our clubs moving forward.

We have updated our club regulations so that club delivery of Learn-to-Ride and Learn-to-Race programs will need to be taught by NCCP trained and certified coaches beginning in 2022.

Why do we believe it is the right time for this change?

  • Capacity – Cycling BC has a geographically diverse team of learning facilitators who are committed to running outdoor modules across all of our cycling sports.
  • Planning – Cycling BC has helped alter the Cycling Canada Coach Pathway to optimize the logistical and pedagogical challenges associated with adult learning.
  • Track Record – In the past 18 months, Cycling BC has helped certify 25 club head coaches. Between 1990-2019, Cycling BC certified 24 coaches.
  • Recent Policy – In April 2021, Cycling BC successfully activated our new Youth Club Coach Policy, requiring each youth club to employ 1 NCCP-certified Club Head Coach, and all other coaches have completed half of the pathway to prepare them to lead a sport-specific practice (designated a “Club Assistant Coach”).

What training is required to run a Learn-to-Ride or Learn-to-Race program?

Starting in 2022, Cycling BC members who wish to lead Learn-to-Ride and Learn-to-Race programs must, at a minimum, complete NCCP Club Assistant Coach Training.

This includes having a Cycling BC membership, background screening and the following coaching courses:

  • Foundations eLearning
  • Emergency Action Plan eLearning
  • Making Ethical Decisions + Quiz
  • Club Theory A
  • Basic Skills*
  • Club Skills (choose the module that matches your sport: Road, BMX, Track, Mtn. Bike*)

*PMBIA Certification is recognized. Coaches with PMBIA Level 1 must still participate in Basic Skills. Coaches with PMBIA Level 2 can forgo Basic Skills and Mtn. Bike Skills.

Additionally, coaches may pursue NCCP-certified status and the “Club Head Coach” designation by completing 3 additional steps, including:

  • Club Theory B
  • Nutrition eLearning
  • Portfolio Evaluation & Online Quiz

Coaches who have achieved the Club Assistant Coach or Club Head Coach designation will have their credentials listed on Cycling BC’s Coach Database.

When are the coaching modules offered?

Cycling Canada and Cycling BC offer the Club Theory modules online via ZOOM each autumn and spring. Cycling BC offers Basic Skills and Club Skills, each 1-day outside. We have the following courses available soon:
Autumn 2021
  • Club Theory A (4x2hr): Oct 12,14,19,2
  • Basic Skills     (1x8hr): Oct 23 @ Burnaby
  • Club Skills
    • Track Skills   (1x8hr): Oct 24 @ Burnaby Velodrome
    • Road Skills   (1x8hr):  By request
    • BMX Skills    (1x8hr):  By request
    • MTB Skills    (1x8hr):  By request
  • Club Theory B (6x2hr):  Nov 1,4,8,11,15,18

Spring 2022 (Tentative Schedule)

  • Club Theory A (4x2hr): Feb1-10, March 14-23
  • Basic Skills     (1x8hr): Feb 12, March 26, Apr 2, Apr 9
  • Club Skills
    • Track Skills   (1x8hr): By request
    • Road Skills   (1x8hr):  Feb 13, Apr 10
    • BMX Skills    (1x8hr):  Apr 3
    • MTB Skills    (1x8hr):  Apr 3
  • Club Theory B (6x2hr):  Feb 22 – Mar 10

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New Learn-to-Ride/Learn-to-Race Programming

Cycling BC is investing time and resources into the development of an official Learn-to-Ride and Learn-to-Race curriculum for each cycling discipline. This program is based on feedback from our network of club and performance coaches and our experience with the iRide program. As active participants in our upcoming NCCP club coach training modules, your members will get the opportunity to help us refine the curriculum and contribute to a helpful tool for club coaches in the future.

To promote both Cycling BC-organized and Club-organized adult skill development clinics, we have created a new adult skill development webpage to highlight these training opportunities for new riders. This page is designed to help connect riders with your club’s Learn-to-Ride and Learn-to-Race activities and foster positive cycling experiences for all involved.

Next Steps…

Please send us any questions at or schedule a call here. We are happy to book private events for clubs and ask for as much advance (90 days) notice when possible. Additional information is also available on our website: