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Cycling BC and PMBIA Collaborate to Support Youth Clubs in BC

The Professional Mountain Bike Instructors Association (PMBIA) and Cycling BC are excited to announce their collaboration and partnership to support the youth clubs in the British Columbia area.

PMBIA, the industry standard for mountain bike instructor certification, and Cycling BC, the provincial governing body for the sport of cycling in British Columbia, are officially partnering to advance the development of NCCP coaches and PMBIA instructors.

Cycling BC’s SafeSport and Coach Excellence Policy helps create safe and high-quality learning experiences for cycling participants of all ages. Leaders attending and leading youth club practices and adult learn-to-ride clinics must carry National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) theory and practical training. This new partnership allows Cycling BC to acknowledge the skills and expertise of PMBIA Level 1 and Level 2 instructors and provide credit for NCCP outdoor practical modules.

Cycling BC invites PMBIA members to participate in NCCP practical modules (Club Mtn. Bike Skills) free of charge. The goal of this is to create mentorship opportunities for existing PMBIA instructors and connect our mountain bike leaders across the province.

Young mountain biker practicing a cornering drill on the trail
Instinct Development rider demonstrating PMBIA Level 2 skill, Rear Wheel Pivot. Photo credit: Ben Chaddock/Cycling BC


“I’m thrilled to enter into this partnership agreement with the PMBIA. Our goal is to get more people on bikes at the youth club level, celebrate the expertise of our community members and deliver high-quality programs. Through this partnership, we are helping develop better-rounded NCCP coaches and PMBIA instructors by harmonizing each other’s strengths for the benefit of our community members.”Ben Chaddock, Cycling BC’s Head of Coach Development

“The PMBIA is excited to forge a new partnership with yet another industry leader. Working with Ben and the team at Cycling BC will enable mountain bike instructors and coaches to more easily benefit from the training of both organizations. Ultimately this will help create better instructors and coaches for the mountain bike world and that’s what we’re all about; raising the standard of mountain bike coaching so that the sport is easier and safer to learn and progress, for all ability levels. It’s a win-win for both the members of Cycling BC and PMBIA, and we’re pumped for 2022 and beyond!” —Paul Howard, PMBIA President & Technical Director

“I’ve been in this coaching and teaching industry for over 25 years, and as a former XC racer, I learned so much from the racing world. As an athlete, the Cycling Federation helped me develop strategies necessary to perform on the bike, like long-term perspective, development, and dedication. PMBIA training programs have built upon and expanded that foundation, enabling me to transition from racing to coaching and teaching effectively. These two organizations complete each other. The industry will significantly benefit from this partnership by providing more tools for mountain bike professionals, developing a higher level of professionalism, and training well-rounded coaches and instructors. I’m so excited to see the results of this partnership!”—David Gagon, PMBIA Executive Director

In recent years, Cycling BC and PMBIA members have pursued certification of both NCCP and PMBI credentials and are consistently satisfied by the quality of both programs.

Mountain bike coach and students stop for a photo with scenic mountain views
PMBI Level 1 and NCCP Club Head Coach, Stephen Pilcher, leads a group on a trail ride. Photo Credit: Stephen Pilcher/Cycling BC


Stephen Pilcher, a PMBIA Level 1 instructor and an NCCP Club Head Coach & Learning Facilitator, had this to say, “In July 2020, I attended the PMBIA Level 1 module in Whistler, BC. The three-day module provided the perfect amount of time to settle in, build confidence with the skills and lesson plans, and gel as a group. Practicing teaching in small groups up to 4 times a day, each participant could master specific movements and lessons, and then with the support of the group, play with variations.

Ashley Jones, PMBI Level 2 and Course Conductor and NCCP Club Head Coach adds, “Both certifications bring value to the instructor and coach role. The NCCP system focuses on a broader spectrum of training for sport and is especially useful for learning about long-term athlete development. The PMBIA focuses solely on developing MTB skills and teaching skills, benefiting those who lead in intermediate and advanced terrain. For our Cycling BC youth trade team, Instinct Development, our leadership team must carry a solid understanding of both areas.”

Steve Shore, PMBI Level 2, NCCP Club Head Coach says, “I found the PMBIA courses to be very relevant to developing skills for each session whereas I learnt more about long-term athlete programming in the NCCP module. Our club relies on coaches understanding both ends of the spectrum so being able to run an individual session to teach certain skills but also understand how each session fits into the longer-term picture. I found that the courses complement each other well to produce a better picture for improving a rider’s mountain bike skills.”

The Cycling BC and PMBIA partnership is in effect as of December 1, 2021. To learn more about the partnership, please visit the PMBIA section on the Cycling BC website.

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Photo credit: PMBIA
Photo credit: Crux Initiative Society, Golden, BC
Photo credit: Crux Initiative Society, Golden, BC
Photo credit: @haileyelise, Squamish, BC