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Cycling BC Teams Up with Yāna Motion Lab

Cycling BC Teams Up with Yana Motion Lab

Provincial sports body looks to 3D motion capture to help riders on and off the bike.

Burnaby, BC, December 10, 2019 – It is with great pride and excitement that Cycling BC is announcing Yāna Motion Lab as a new community partner. The partnership will help serve the provincial sport organization’s members with access to leading edge technology for objective motion health measurement and injury recovery.

Yāna Motion Lab uses 3D markerless motion capture technology to track the body’s musculoskeletal movements using millions of data points which are then analyzed and summarized into an objective, visual and comprehensive report. The detailed report can be used in a great number of ways depending on who is looking at it. For example, an individual recovering from an injury could use it to aid in rehabilitation by providing their health care practitioners very precise information about the client’s range of movements. Just as a blood pressure cuff is used to measure blood pressure, Yāna Motion Lab provides an objective tool to measure your body movements.

“I took my report straight to my physiotherapist,” said Jerrick Barroso, Communications Manager at Cycling BC, after completing a Full Body Motion Assessment at Yāna Motion Lab in Vancouver. “I wanted to see what she thought of the findings and how it could help identify any areas that might be vulnerable to injury. She found the lab results to be true and accurate based on what she previously knew about me but this time she was armed with completely objective evidence from Yāna and was able to prescribe exercises to address the findings from the report.”

Man in 3-D motion capture room raising right leg to the side.
Cycling BC’s Jerrick Barroso goes through the motion assessment using Yana Motion Lab’s 3D markerless motion capture technology.


Cycling BC High Performance Coach and a Certified Athletic Therapist, Mischa Partridge, also had a chance to do an assessment at the Yāna Motion Lab and had this to say about his experience, “From a coach and athlete perspective, the movement screen is quick and easy to complete. With any type of performance testing, I think one of the most important aspects is that it is repeatable. As an athletic therapist, I like that the tests are objective. The information provided in the report provides a good head start on the assessment process.”

Cycling coach in a motion capture green room reaching above his head.
Cycling BC Coach, Mischa Partridge, reaching high at Yana Motion Lab.


The partnership between Cycling BC and Yāna Motion Lab will provide all Cycling BC members with a 50% discount on the full Athlete Assessment Package. It consists of the full baseline FBMA (Full Body Motion Assessment) PLUS the AMS (Athlete Motion Screen). The AMS analyzes specific movements to identify body zones that should be addressed. The discount also applies to the Season Assessment Package, which analyzes motion health and performance at pre-season, mid-season and end-of-season, and Progress Reporting.

Yāna Motion Lab’s CEO Pat Hamilton believes the collaboration with Cycling BC “sets the template for how aspiring athletes, whether recreational or professional, can measure and better understand their motion health and pursue new personal standards of achievement. We are really proud of the opportunity to work with Cycling BC, its targeted athletes and the entire membership to have a healthy and successful 2020 cycling season.”

Woman doing a side lunge in a 3D motion capture room
Willa Kriebel from the WOWride Cycling Club gets her movement assessed at Yana Motion Lab.


Cycling BC is excited to have Yāna Motion Lab as a community partner and grateful that they are so generously providing Cycling BC members with the opportunity to have full Athlete assessments done at such significant discounts.

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