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New Cycling BC Podcast! Episode 1 – First Race with InstaFund La Prima

Cycling BC is thrilled to introduce our new podcast channel as we present our very first episode featuring members of the InstaFund La Prima race team – Team Director, Laura Brown, and team co-founder and active racer, Isabella Bertold.

Through our new podcast, we aim to connect listeners to the cycling community and share the stories of the people who are helping to shape the sport of cycling in BC and beyond.

Established in 2019 and based in Vancouver, BC, InstaFund La Prima Racing is a women’s UCI Continental Professional Cycling Team whose purpose is not just to kick butt on bikes but to use their platform to help ensure women’s full participation and equal opportunities for leadership on and off the bike.

The team was particularly excited about launching their My First Race Buddy Program this year but unfortunately, due to the circumstances of 2020, have had to postpone their plans. However, every situation has a silver lining and the team is thrilled to share that these same circumstances created time for riders and staff to collaborate on a new book called “First Race; a complete guide to your first race.” The book is filled with helpful tips from riders and staff covering everything from bike prep, clothing prep, food prep, to race day strategies and personal stories of what they wish they knew before their first race.

Listen to our chat with Isabella and Laura about First Race, available now on the Cycling BC podcast.

First Race is available as a hard copy for $30 or as a PDF Download by donation. All proceeds support the riders and are tax-deductible.

To get your copy,

  1. Follow the donation link: ,
  2. Click on ‘Give’,
  3. Enter your donation amount and type “First Race Digital” if you want a PDF copy or type “First Race Hard Copy” with your mailing address if you would like a hard copy printed version sent to you.