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A Message from the CRD and a Reminder to Keep Cycling Responsibly

Cycling BC is sharing this message on behalf of the Capital Regional District and would like to remind and encourage members across all regions to continue cycling only in areas where cycling is permitted.

July 2020

RE: Illegal Cycling in the Greater Victoria Water Supply Area and Cycling in Undesignated Areas in Regional Parks

With the increase in outdoor activity over the past few months due to the global pandemic, there has been an increase in the number of cyclists illegally entering the Greater Victoria Water Supply Area, an area closed to public access to protect the drinking water supply for approximately 390,000 residents of Greater Victoria.

We are reaching out to our local bike shops and cycling clubs to request that this letter and attached map be posted to inform cyclists about restricted access to the Greater Victoria Water Supply Area and to remind cyclists to stay out of this protected area.

Cycling in the Greater Victoria Water Supply Area (GVWSA) can jeopardize our water supply. Unauthorized entry and cycling in the GVWSA is a contravention of the Capital Regional District (CRD) Greater Victoria Water Supply Area Protection Bylaw No. 2804. Ground patrols and air patrols circulate throughout the year and it is expected that fines are issued when the bylaw is contravened. The fine for contravention is:

 $200 for unauthorized entry for a first offence; $400 for a second offence; $1,000 for a third offence

 $100 for unauthorized cycling

The CRD recognizes the importance of cycling opportunities in the region. Current cycling opportunities exist in a number of regional parks and on regional trails. Mountain biking is currently permitted in Sea to Sea Regional Park as well as Mount Work Regional Park.

Please keep in mind that cycling on undesignated trails can damage cultural and historic resources, sensitive ecosystems, rare and endangered plants, and negatively impact wildlife.

Cycling is permitted in the following regional parks:

 Western portion of the 10km Trail at Elk/Beaver Lake Regional Park

 Sooke Hills Wilderness Trail (The Great Trail), within Sooke Hills Wilderness Regional Park

 On designated multi-use trails at Thetis Lake Regional Park

 Undesignated wilderness trails in Sea to Sea Regional Park

 On designated trails within the Mount Manuel Quimper Area in Sea to Sea Regional Park

 The Galloping Goose Regional Trail which intersects with multiple regional park

Any cycling opportunities need to keep people connected to nature without compromising the natural integrity that draws people to the parks in the first place and the CRD asks the cycling community to help protect regional parks and the Greater Victoria Water Supply Area with responsible use.

Should you have any questions or require further information, please contact me at 250.391.3561 or


Nigel Burrows
Manager Wildfire, Security & Emergency Response
Integrated Water Services