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Podcast Episode 5: Coquitlam Climbs, Le Tour de France, and Rolling into the BC Sports Hall of Fame with Alex Stieda

Former pro-cyclist and BC Sports Hall of Fame member (Class of 2020), Alex Stieda, credits a lot of his success to the community of people that helped him along the way. Starting at home with his parents, Alex played all sorts of sports including figure-skating, baseball, soccer, volleyball, ice hockey and cycling while growing up in Coquitlam, BC.

Using his bike to stay in shape during the hockey off-season, Alex discovered a love for cycling that would put him on a track to a lifetime of success in the sport including riding in the 1986 Tour de France and becoming the first North American rider to put on the tour’s famous yellow leader’s jersey. In addition, Alex has also won multiple national titles, raced for Canada at the Commonwealth Games, the Olympics, and enjoyed a long career in cycling from 1977 to 1992.

Alex is still very much involved in the sport in various capacities, including coaching and mentoring young riders in his current home of Edmonton, Alberta, and he is also doing some online broadcasting work with FloBikes providing online commentary along with other pro and former pro riders during the 2020 Tour de France. Alex continues to enjoy riding his bike for fun and graciously gives back to the sporting community that his given him so much.

We are honoured to have Alex Stieda on the Cycling BC podcast as he takes us through his induction to the BC Sports Hall of Fame, early days cycling in BC, the Tour de France today, and what riders young and old can do to maximize their cycling experience. This episode is filled with so many gems from Alex and we hope you enjoy listening.

Video: 1986 Tour de France Stage 2 – Alex Stieda Takes Yellow Jersey