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Return to Sport Restart 2.0 and FAQs from viaSport

With the release of BC’s Restart Plan, viaSport’s original Return to Sport Guidelines is no longer applicable. Instead, and as of May 25, 2021, the focus for sport will be on Step 1 of BC’s Restart Plan. How, and if, we move through the various steps of the Restart 2.0 will be based on BC’s rates of Covid-19 immunization, positive case counts, hospitalizations/ICU rates, and mortality.

The previous viaSport Return to Sport Guidelines had sports grouped into various categories (Group A, B, C and D sports) and followed a cohort model – that is no longer the case. Instead, the focus for the Restart 2.0 will be based on whether a sport is taking place outdoors or indoors, along with travel rules for High-Performance sport. See the chart below.

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Cycling BC will follow the same rules and practices as set out above. We will be working with event organizers and providing guidance on the return to competition as we move along the various steps of BC’s Return to Sport.

Cycling BC encourages all clubs to continue following their safety plans while taking into account what is allowable under the new Return to Sport Restart 2.0. Until further notice, clubs should continue with pre-reg and contact tracing.

Please remember that the intention of the Restart 2.0 is to slowly and gradually return to activities (i.e. slowly turning a dial instead of flicking a switch). With a collective and concentrated effort, we are optimistic that we will advance to each step and see a full return to sport this year.

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