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Return to Sport Update: Restrictions Lifted for Sport in BC, effective Feb.17th

After numerous updates and the rollercoaster ride of restrictions being imposed, lifted, re-imposed, and lifted again, Cycling BC is pleased to share viaSport BC’s most recent announcement that BC is moving to a full re-opening of sport, effective today, February 17th, 2022.

This means that all activities that would typically take place in a sport environment may continue but it is worth noting that masks are still required off the field of play for indoor sports and that proof of vaccination requirements remain in place for indoor sports until further notice. See the updated Return to Sport chart below for details.


Cycling BC encourages all members to follow any specific venue and public health guidance while respecting that everyone will have differing levels of comfort during this transition period. Please continue to keep each other safe and healthy, staying home if you are feeling sick and taking the necessary precautions with regards to handwashing and personal hygiene to prevent the transmission of any communicable diseases. While sport organizations and clubs are not required to have a COVID-19 Safety Plan for activities on the field of play; it is recommended that sport organizations should consider developing a communicable disease prevention plan as per WorkSafe BC guidance.

We would like to express our gratitude to the entire Cycling BC community for all your efforts, cooperation, patience, and kindness over the past couple of years as we faced one of the greatest challenges of our lives. We are all looking forward to the season ahead with great optimism and cheer!

The viaSport Return to Sport Restart 2.0 Chart and FAQ document have been updated to reflect this information. Any future updates or changes to guidance for sport will be communicated by viaSport BC.

General Guidance:

If you test positive for COVID-19, follow BCCDC guidance

For more detailed information about proof of vaccination, click here.

Liability: The Province of B.C. extended COVID-19 liability coverage for organizations until December 31, 2022 through the COVID-19 Related Measures Act (CRMA). This protects people and organizations from damages resulting from transmission or exposure to the virus that causes COVID-19.