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Tell Us How You Play! State of Play Youth Survey

Project Play, in partnership with Canadian Tire Jumpstart Charities, uses the State of Play Youth Survey to gather feedback from young people about their participation and feelings about sports. Cycling BC is sharing this survey with our community to help sport organizations across the country gather feedback from young people that will help inform our decisions, collectively and as individual organizations, on how to increase participation in youth-centred sport experiences.

The State of Play Youth Survey collects the following information:

  • Basic demographic information (grade, gender identity, race/ethnicity, disability status) without any personally identifiable information
  • Current sports participation and interest in trying new sports
  • Reasons for current levels of participation in sport
  • The role of adults in a young person’s sport experience

Children 8-18 years old are invited to take the State of Play Youth Survey by September 30, 2022. All responses are anonymous. Completion of the survey is voluntary; participants have the option to skip/not respond to any of the questions.

Thank you in advance for contributing your feedback.

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