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Rally Together Fund Available to Help Boost Sport Participation and Volunteerism

The Rally Together Fund was developed to provide one-time recovery funding for amateur sport organizations that have seen a decrease in membership or volunteerism through COVID-19.

This fund will help to ensure that B.C.’s amateur sport system continues to provide opportunities for sport development and recovery as well as significant community and economic benefits. The RallyTogether Fund is supported by the Province of B.C. and administered through viaSport British Columbia. Funding is available for non-profit provincial sport organizations, disability sport organizations, multi-sport organizations and local sport organizations.

Specifically, the grant is intended to support the development of programs focused on rebuilding sport participation ($2 Million) and the recruitment and retention of volunteers ($2 Million).

The fund is intended to support projects/programs designed to re-ignite community participation, volunteerism and opportunities for sport development and recovery such as, but not limited to:

  • Sport Specific Days: events to celebrate, encourage and promote your sport
  • New Camps in New Communities to try out your sport
  • Programs and initiatives targeted at youth volunteerism and participation
  • Social Media and Marketing campaigns targeted at youth
  • Youth volunteer campaign for officials, coaches and support
  • Membership/Volunteer Acknowledgement Projects such as pancake breakfasts, BBQs, and other volunteer recruitment events
  • Outreach and Expansion Projects such as Community Centre visits, Under Privileged and School Programs

All applications must be received by November 4, 2022, in order to be considered. Programs running between December 1, 2022 and January 15, 2024 are eligible for funding.

For more information on the fund, including eligibility criteria, visit the following links:

Sport Volunteer Grant – The Sport Volunteer Grant is open to provincial, disability and multi-sport organizations that are accredited, recognized or affiliated with viaSport. Non-profit local sport organizations can submit applications but must be members of a viaSport accredited, recognized or affiliated organization to be eligible.

Sport Participation Grant – The Sport Participation Grant is open to the same group of non-profit sport organizations as listed above, except multi-sport organizations. Successful applicants must be able to prove their organization had a 20% decrease in membership due to the impacts of COVID-19.

For-profit organizations and organizations not accredited, recognized, or affiliated by viaSport are not eligible for the Sport Volunteer Grant. For-profit organizations, organizations not accredited, recognized, or affiliated by viaSport and organizations that do not meet the 20% membership loss threshold and did not receive special consideration are not eligible for the Sport Participation Grant.