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A Comeback Season for the Lower Mainland Cyclocross Series

2022 Vanier Park CX. Photo credit: Scott Robarts Photography


Several years ago, a Lower Mainland Cyclocross Series was established – a series of races organized by a group of passionate organizers where points could be earned, tracked, and accumulated by competitors of all levels.

As the series began to pick up, external disruptions like a global pandemic and extreme weather events over the past couple of years forced organizers to put the brakes on the concept.

Finally, in 2022, the series started to get its groove back. With luck, planning and a bit of work, we will be able to keep the LMCX concept alive for future years.

How successful were we in 2022? There were 1,075 race entries across 16 categories—not bad and it can and will get better.

A BIG shout-out must go to the race organizers, without whom none of this would exist.

Event Organizer
Physiomoves Junkyard CX SORCE Bike Club
Pumpkin Cross Local Ride Racing
Vanier Park CX West Coast Cycling

And not to be missed …. 3 events by the newest addition to the series:

The Coquitlam Cyclocross Circuit Thrashers Bike Club
Eagle Mountain CX Thrashers Bike Club
Quest for the Tri-Force of Cyclocross Thrashers Bike Club
Thrashers Bike Club CX Race in Coquitlam, BC. Photo credit: TLBVelo Photography


The amount of time, effort, and actual physical work “in the field” to put on an individual race is generally under-appreciated—yes, that’s an understatement. If you think one race is a burden, how about three? The new kids on the block, Thrashers Bike Club (Drew Nelson), deserve a special mention for taking on the task of a new club, three events, and two new course locations.  Awesome job.  We all owe you a beer.

There were six LMCX events this year, now is the time to be thinking about what can be done to expand and make the LMCX series a real show-stopper for next year and beyond.

Another BIG Thanks to all that came out to help with the races and to participate.  Hope everyone enjoyed it and are making plans for next year.

See you in September.

View Results of the 2022 LMCX Series (PDF) – updated U15 Men’s Category

Courtesy of Ian Parker | West Coast Cycling