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Concussion Baseline Testing Available to Cycling BC Members

Establishing a Concussion Baseline using the ImPACT Online Testing Tool

Cycling BC is introducing the online ImPACT concussion baseline tool to assist our high performance athletes with concussion management. However, concussions are not limited to high performance athletes and we welcome the entire Cycling BC member community to consider testing.

What is a concussion?

What is Baseline Testing?

Baseline testing is a way of tracking your functioning in a healthy state. The test measures reaction time, memory and processing speed and can give healthcare providers an accurate picture of what’s normal for you. In the event of an injury, your baseline can be compared with post-injury data to determine the extent of your injury and help decide when you’re back to normal.

What is involved in the test?

The ImPACT Baseline Concussion test includes a series of neurocognitive tests that measure cognitive abilities commonly become impaired with a concussion injury – namely, the ability to recall and manipulate words and shapes, reaction time, and the time it takes to come up with the proper response to some basic commands.

Cycling BC is organizing the baseline testing in collaboration with ImPACT Applications Inc. and is collecting individual registrations via CCN.

How do I sign up?

Register before February 27th, and you will receive an email invitation with a unique code to complete the online ImPACT Baseline test from home.

Click here to register for a concussion baseline test.