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Community Spotlight: Strava Challenges

Strava Challenges are a fun way to motivate people to push themselves and accomplish a specific goal. Any club, group, or user can set up a segment challenge on Strava and other Strava users can attempt the segment and compete for their personal best or for the top spot on the leaderboard. Local clubs may set up challenges for their club members or you can search Strava’s Challenge Gallery for open challenges.

 About The Ride, based in Victoria BC has been organizing a series called the “Victoria Segment Challenge” where two segments are posted each week, and participants have the week to ride them whenever convenient, as fast or as slow as they want. The challenge covers a range of roads, some up, some rolling, some down, and they’re pretty much individual time trials of differing lengths, some under a minute, others over ten minutes. Season 1 had over 70 participants; Season 2 starts June 19th and is free and open to all. Congrats to About The Ride for this cool challenge to engage the community in friendly competition.

 PLEASE NOTE that this is not a Cycling BC sanctioned event, so Cycling BC Liability insurance coverage DOES NOT APPLY. Cycling BC members with a Cycling for All or a Race licence participating in this event or other non-sanctioned rides ARE COVERED with 24/7 Ride Accident insurance when riding, any time. Don’t have a licence yet? Get your 2023 Cycling BC membership.