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2023 Cycling BC Holiday Gift Guide


Cycling BC’s ultimate guide to gift giving for the holidays!

Are you searching for the perfect gift to give to a cyclist in your life this holiday season? Or perhaps a special treat for yourself? We’ve gathered a selection of cycling-related suggestions and exclusive offers from some of Cycling BC’s Community partners to get you or your loved ones ready for an amazing 2024 cycling season.


Use your Cycling BC membership to get discounts with our community partners:

Blonyx Hydra+ – Mango & Passionfruit

Hydra+ provides the training body with electrolytes and carbs using real food ingredients like coconut water, mango, passionfruit and sea salt. It’s a versatile drink mix that can be used to replenish electrolytes and carbs in shorter, higher intensity training, or adjusted to maintain optimal hydration status on longer duration, sweaty training sessions. 

Hydra+ tastes like a light fruit juice, isn’t saturated with salt (as research shows it’s not needed) and is focused on ensuring you perform at your best.

Cycling BC members can use the promo code “CYCLINGBC” for a 20% discount at Blonyx



See and be seen with Mountain Lab

Mountain Lab’s lineup of bike lights is perfect for all your cycling adventures. 

Try the ultra-compact yet powerful x800 Lumen Flashlight System for nighttime mountain biking rides or level up with the x2000 which can also be used as a power bank to charge your electronic devices.

Cycling BC members can get a massive 40% discount on Mountain Lab Flashlights using “CBC40”.



FLY on every ride 

The FLY Racing Kinetic gloves provide minimalist, unrestricted protection and grip that never fails. Padded style with a comfortable secure fit. No matter where adventure leads, slip on the gloves that custom fit your riding needs.

Cycling BC members can get a massive 40% discount with FLY Racing using “CBC40”.


POC Sunglasses at Nomad 

Introducing the POC Devour Ultra Sunglasses, engineered for unparalleled performance and comfort. Designed with an emphasis on maximizing your visual experience, these sunglasses boast an exceptional field of view thanks to their carefully crafted lens shape, offering an expansive perspective in all directions.

Enhancing both security and functionality, the sunglasses come with a detachable lanyard attached to the temples, providing added peace of mind during high-intensity activities. The adjustable temples allow for easy customization of length and grip, ensuring a personalized and snug fit for every wearer.

Cycling BC members get a 15% discount on every purchase greater than $75.00 using CYCLINGBC22.


The more fun way to ride with Doma

Doma, a BC-based company, has created the perfect item for anybody who has trouble unwrapping their food during a ride. The Pocket Musette just slides into your jersey pocket, without you even noticing. Just fill it with your favourite snacks – no wrappers needed – and you’re ready to start your ride.

Cycling BC members get a 15% discount with promo code: LocalCyclingBC



Samsara Performance Crew Socks – Harbour

Even your feet deserve to look and feel great. Designed for professional athletes, Samsara Performance Socks will keep your feet dry and provide the support needed to keep you going on and off your bike.


• adjustment-free cuffs that never fall down
• yarn blends that wick away sweat to keep your feet cool and dry, to avoid blisters
• strategically placed vented mesh regulates temperature and allows your feet to breathe
• 360-degree arch support prevents swelling and promotes blood flow to combat foot fatigue
• y-stitch heel seam provides a naturally-cupped fit that promotes stability
• seamless toes stop uncomfortable bunching

Cycling BC members enjoy a 15% discount on regularly priced Samsara-branded items now through June 15, 2024. Use code: CYCLINGBC15



NOBL TR32 Wheels

Designed to be “the ultimate British Columbia XC rim” It blurs the line between trail and XC while coming in at an exceptional weight. Features a Lifetime Warranty.

Cycling BC members can enjoy a 20% discount on all full-priced rims, wheels and wheelset products. Contact for the discount code. Valid now until the end of the 2023 calendar year.


Hypervolt 2 from 360 Athletics

Give your muscles the daily relief they’ve been asking for with the hypervolt 2’s percussion massage. warm up quickly, stay loose, and accelerate recovery at home and beyond – so you’re ready to tackle your next ride.

Cycling CB members receive a 15% discount on regular-price (5% on sale items) Hyperice/Normatec products. Use promo code: CycleBC