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Bylaw Revision Update

Following spirited membership engagement focused on the proposed bylaws at last fall’s AGM, we would like to update our members on the progress made by the Governance Committee of our Board of Directors regarding revisions to our bylaws.


While some of the proposed changes may have presented challenges, based on the feedback received, there was support for many of the changes aimed at ensuring adequate oversight and improving member engagement. As such, the Board of Directors intends to propose new bylaws for approval at the 2015 AGM.


The proposed amendments are aimed at modernizing our bylaws, restructuring the Board of Directors, establishing committees and simplifying member categories while preserving the individual voting rights of CBC’s members. The Governance Committee continues to investigate electronic voting as a means to improve CBC member engagement. We will have this in place by 2016 AGM. Concurrently, the Board of Directors intends to establish draft Terms of References for discipline, operational and oversight committees and begin recruiting Cycling BC members to sit on those committees.


The Board of Directors intends to engage with key stakeholders to discuss the proposed bylaws in advance of the 2015 AGM. More information on membership engagement opportunities will be released in the coming months. If you have any questions or would like to discuss the matters discussed in this update, please feel free to contact our Governance Committee.


Members of the Governance Committee:

Bruce Denis:

Tim Abercrombie:

Thierry Keable:

Graeme Martindale:

Richard Wooles: