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Cycling BC Announces NEW Commuter Cycling Licences with Category Upgrades

Cycling BC is proud to announce new Commuter Cycling Licenses with Categories ready for the 2016 bike-to-work season!

This groundbreaking move, the first of its kind by any cycling sanctioning body in North America, will pave the way for others to follow suit. Our hard-core commuters have been asking for this for months, and we’re pleased to announce that it is finally becoming reality.

The new categories will not follow UCI standards, but will be adapted to the unique circumstances faced by regular BC commuters. Upgrades will be available for those wanting to ride against the best in their categories with Provincial titles up for grabs at the annual championship event, which will include gearing up, strapping on the paniers or backpack (with appropriate weights included), and bridge crossings on the most miserable, windswept, rain drenched day. Buses will be brought out to compete for lane use and red light penalties will apply. We are excited about the possibilities!


Apply for your Commuter Cycling Licence (CCL) today – and don’t forget to let us know your category!

CCL Cat 1 – Professional Commuter

Refuses the car unless absolutely necessary, has a collection of clothes at the office, submits their Strava times daily, rides exclusively in the big ring, looks to extend the ride even on the really crappy days, embraces the elements. Treats all fellow commuters and pedestrians with respect, maintaining equanimity even in the face of road-rage-inducing rule violations.

CCL Cat 2 – Semi-pro

Minimum 4 days a week, includes at least 2 bridges or open spaces for wind sheer, avoids cycling lanes, willing to pass moving buses, passes other cyclists with a smile and encourages them to have a safe ride. Rides only in Lycra.

CCL Cat 3 – Advanced Rider

Races everyone everywhere, barely stops at signs and lights, is a risk not only to themselves, but everyone else on the road. Known for half-wheeling and shoaling.

CCL Cat 4

Experienced commuter, has a good assortment of weather resistant gear, capable and willing to ride in any weather, likes the relaxed pace of the bike lanes.

CCL Cat 5

Novice. Rides only when the sun shines and doesn’t carry a computer or lunch.

Categories will be self-selected. However, you may be downgraded at any time without notice if your recent Strava segment results are not within the top 80% of your current category.