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Cycling BC AGM Update

We are pleased to announce Cycling BC’s new Board of Directors, confirmed at the Annual General Meeting, held on June 15, and want to extend our sincere thanks to all candidates who participated in the election.

Cycling BC 2016-17 Board of Directors

Kelyn Akuna
Craig Bosenburg
Stephanie Hotchkiss
Rose Keith
Willa Kriebel
Stuart Lynne
Jeannie Mansell
Sean O’Mahoney
Mischa Partridge

We are pleased to note that over 350 members participated in the advance online voting.  As many as 15 members from around the province joined the teleconference, participating in the meeting online, and over 25 people attended in person. We consider this a solid move forward towards accessibility, with broader and greater participation and decision making in the organization.

In addition to updates on the work of the team to date, and an overview of our plans for the balance of the year, this meeting gave us an opportunity to discuss recent challenges around rule amendments, regulations, and in terms of the relationship between commissaires, racers, event organizers, and Cycling BC.

We were fortunate to have John Tolkamp, President of Cycling Canada, in attendance at the meeting.  During the lively discussion around the use of disc brakes and the challenges faced by organizers, racers and commissaires, John confirmed that Cycling Canada has initiated a meeting of the Inter-Provincial Council on June 24. This meeting aims to clarify the role of PSOs in amending rules to enable greater participation in the sport, while at the same time ensuring rider safety and awareness of the rules of the sport.

The majority of time was spent discussing motions brought forward under new business to the meeting, centering around the role of commissaires in Cycling BC, training, events, and the development of athletes. Motions were passed asking the board to recommend a change to the bylaws establishing a commissaire committee, and asking Cycling BC to recommend  that Cycling Canada amend its Long Term Athlete Development model to include more specific content related to the role of commissaires. In addition, a motion was unanimously passed that Cycling BC respect all its classes of members and acts in a fair and equitable manner towards them, protecting and defending them from unfair criticism, especially when it may impact on their integrity and ability to conform to their obligations as laid out by their licence and the rules of the sport. A motion that Cycling BC commit to adhering to rules and regulations imposed on it as member of Cycling Canada was referred to the board.

This meeting highlighted the issue of declining interest in commissaire development. Participants wholeheartedly agreed that the role of commissaires in the sport is crucial to its long term sustainability. The organization will investigate ways to make training available and accessible, to support the existing pool of commissaires and to ensure that athletes are receiving education on the rules and regulations.

For more information on the AGM, please visit our AGM page.