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Cycling BC 2017 AGM Update

We are pleased to announce Cycling BC’s 2017-18 Board of Directors, confirmed at the Annual General Meeting, held on June 21. We would like to extend our sincere thanks to all of the candidates who put their names forward.

Cycling BC 2017-18 Board of Directors

Elected June 21, 2017:

Parker Bloom
Craig Bosenberg
Angie Bounassisi
Erich Harvey
Jon Watkin


Rose Keith
Willa Kriebel
Stuart Lynne
Jeannie Mansell

We are pleased to note that over 300 members participated in the advance online voting.  Six members from around the province joined the teleconference, participating in the meeting online, 14 attended in person, and 18 by proxy. This continues our move towards greater accessibility and member participation, and we would like to thank everyone for showing up, tuning in, and making your voices heard during the meeting and throughout our board of directors election.

For more information on the AGM, please visit our AGM page.