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Results of Vote to Amend 2020 Membership Fees

The vote to amend the Cycling BC 2020 membership fees has concluded and has received a majority membership vote in favour of the following changes for 2020.

License Type 2019 Fee 2020 Fee
UCI Technical 85 90
UCI U13 55 60
UCI U17 70 75
UCI U19/U23 135 140
UCI Elite/Masters 160 165
UCI Cycling For All (Formerly BC RIDE) 60 65


The vote was held online from November 1-10, 2019 and received a 75% majority vote in favour of the change.

In Favor
: 157
Against: 53
Total Votes: 210

The motion to amend membership fees was made in anticipation of rising sport accident insurance premiums due to the number of sport accident claims made by Cycling BC members over the past two years.

As a reminder, Cycling BC’s sport accident insurance has two components:

  1. Top up (over and above members’ personal insurance) rehab coverage for injuries incurred while riding a bicycle 24/7, worldwide.
  2. A “broken bone” portion, providing a cash payout for broken bones sustained while riding a bicycle anywhere in the world.

In addition to the general liability insurance included with each membership, optional bike insurance, and the value-added services provided to members, this coverage provides significant value by offering accident protection for members when engaged in cycling anywhere, anytime.

Cycling BC’s Annual Memberships for 2020 will be going on sale in early December via CCN.