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A Guide to 2020 Cycling BC Membership & Licences

Last updated: December 9, 2020
– added link to 2020 UCI Gran Fondo World Championships
– updated Sport Accident insurance bullet point to read ‘North America’ instead of ‘worldwide’

Becoming a member of Cycling BC ensures you can experience the enjoyment of cycling at all levels by having access to valuable resources and benefits year-round. This guide is meant to help you understand what Cycling BC membership includes and important changes for the 2020 year.

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Cycling BC membership gives you access to:

  • Sport Accident & General Liability Insurance: Ride with confidence knowing that you have coverage for any potential injuries sustained while cycling anywhere in North America and that you are protected from financial risk arising from any liability claims during sanctioned events.
  • Clubs: Many of the BC’s cycling clubs affiliate with Cycling BC and require club members to possess a Cycling BC licence to ensure that members have sufficient coverage for any potential risks (see above).
  • Events: Cycling BC sanctions and registers hundreds of events each year and these events will often require a Cycling BC licence in order to participate.
  • Optional Bike Loss/Damage Insurance: Cycling BC members can qualify for competitive rates on insurance for their most prized possessions – their bikes!
  • Exclusive Member Discounts and Offers: The list is growing. From nutritional products, fitness testing, car and bike share services, to yoga, bike gear and racks. Cycling BC has a growing list of community partners that offer exclusive member discounts.
  • Development Opportunities for Athletes, Coaches, and Officials: Throughout the year Cycling BC offers training camps, courses, and conferences for members to develop their skills and knowledge in various aspects of cycling.

In addition to these benefits, some memberships also double as a licence which confirms your racing credentials and participation rights as conditionally set forth through international (UCI) and national (Cycling Canada) race categories.


Early Bird & Family Discounts

Early bird pricing (a 10% discount) will be valid from December 2, 2019, until midnight, January 5, 2020. An additional 10% family discount will be applied to families purchasing licences for a minimum of one adult and two children (under 19) who are all living in the same household.

Important Changes to Cycling BC Memberships and Licensing for 2020:


1. Provincial ‘Ride’ licence becomes “UCI Cycling for All” membership.

We are making this change to be better aligned with the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI, the world governing body for sports cycling) and their global cycling strategy which includes the promotion of mass participation cycling events as well as partnering with local communities to promote utilitarian and recreational cycling.

In addition, by aligning this membership type with the UCI, “Cycling for All” membership holders will be eligible to compete in the 2020 Gran Fondo World Championships hosted by the RBC Gran Fondo Whistler.

The UCI Cycling for All membership maintains the same benefits and status as before:

·       Sport Accident & General Liability Insurance

·       Ability to participate in club activities and instructional clinics

·       Access to mass participation events, gran fondos and charity rides sanctioned by Cycling BC

·       Race in the 2020 UCI Gran Fondo World Championships (for qualified riders)

·       Ability to try racing in novice categories at local races

·       Exclusive rates on Cycling BC’s optional Bike Loss/Damage Insurance

·       Exclusive Member Discounts and Product offers

·       Development Opportunities in Cycling (for athletes, coaches, and officials)

For a complete description of membership types, prices and benefits visit:


2. UCI ID numbers for all Cycling BC Members

Starting in 2020, all Cycling BC members will be issued a UCI ID number regardless of membership type. Previously, only UCI Race and UCI Technical Licence holders had UCI ID numbers, however, this 11-digit number will also be found on UCI Cycling for All memberships and Provincial Race Licences.

The purpose of this change is to standardise identification across all licence holders, streamlining administration for event organizers, timing professionals, and Cycling BC staff. Cycling BC will also be able to work closely with the UCI to maintain records of athletes including the experience acquired during their involvement in the sport.

Here is the clarification from the UCI:

UCI licences
An amendment to the regulations in force has been approved to require the issuance of a UCI ID to any licence holder. The issuance of a UCI ID is required since 2017 for any rider likely to be included in an international ranking. Taking into account the experience acquired in recent years, in particular in order to address various issues related to the identification of riders and the duplication of identities, it was decided to standardise the systems for identifying riders and thus require that all be holders of a UCI ID. With regard to the information to be transmitted to the UCI when the information is transferred by UCI DataRide, National Federations are also required to provide the contact details of all the licence holders in order to enable the UCI to govern the sport of cycling.

*Please note: Inclusion of a UCI ID on Cycling for All memberships (formerly called Provincial Ride licence) and Provincial Race Licences does not impact the participation rights of the licence holder. Cycling for All membership types & Provincial Race Licences will continue to be valid only in British Columbia and are not eligible for entry into UCI races or events on the national calendar such as Canada Cups or National Championships. UCI Race Licences remain the only option for those wanting to compete in these events and internationally.


3. Cardless/Paperless Licences

Hardcopy licences will no longer be issued automatically for Provincial Race and UCI Race licence holders. Members will automatically receive a digital PDF copy of their licence as well as a new electronic format that can be integrated with digital wallet applications such as Apple Wallet and Google Wallet.

An option for a printed card licence will be available for a fee.


4. Masters race categories changed to 35+

For 2020, Cycling Canada has mandated a new age minimum of 35 years old to all masters racing categories. In other words, in order to be eligible to race in masters race categories in Road, Mountain Bike, Track or Cyclocross, you must be born in 1985 or earlier.

All National and Provincial Championships will be organized using the new 35+ model:

Master A – 35-44
Master B – 45-54
Master C – 55-64
Master D – 65+

Please note that only some age categories will be offered at Cycling BC events depending on disciplines and participation numbers. For a complete list of national licence codes, please go to the Race Categories & Upgrades page.

Category changes between Master and Elite are only possible at the time of annual license renewal. Mid‐season changes between Elite and Master are not permitted.

An athlete aged 35 years old must decide whether he/she will compete in the Elite or Master category for the entire season. This choice must be made each year at the time of application. The UCI category corresponds to the rider’s choice to race in the Elite or Master category for national and international events*, regardless of age. The choice of Master status shall not be available for riders belonging to a UCI trade team.

*If an athlete aged 35 years old or over and wants to race in the Elite category for provincial events but wants to race Master for national and international events, he/she must take a Master licence and ask the Provincial Association to produce an upgrade letter to participate in provincial event’s Elite category.


5. Category Upgrades

Racers who wish to upgrade their race category for the 2020 season should submit their upgrade request at the time of licence renewal. The $10 upgrade administration fee that is normally applied will be waived until February 29, 2020.

Please go to the Categories & Upgrades page to find the discipline-specific upgrade criteria. If you are unsure whether or not you are eligible for a category upgrade for 2020 please email

Please note:  A rider can only move 1 category per season. If you met the upgrade requirements in 2019 but do not apply for an upgrade prior to your 2020 licence being issued, you may be restricting your ability to upgrade again in 2020.


If you have questions about any of the above, please email or call 604-737-3034.

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