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New Cycling BC Website by SplitMango

If you’re reading this then you’re probably on our website and if you’ve been on our website anytime before this week, then you may have noticed that we’ve launched a new design! With the support, design talent, and web development expertise of the award-winning digital agency, SplitMango, the new design is a breath of fresh air and much-improved from the previous site which had been in place for the past five years.

Notable Enhancements

One of the goals of the new website is to allow users to easily navigate around the site and find the information they need, quickly and accurately. Smack dab at the top of the website is a search bar which will allow users to search the site using keywords and bring up any relevant news, events or pages.

Another major improvement is the navigation from the main menu. Having a vertical secondary navigation drop-down menu list is a welcomed change from the horizontal format of the old site. The main menu is also ‘sticky’ so that it is always visible at the top of the page no matter how far you scroll down (on desktop displays).

One of the most popular pages of the site is the Events Calendar and it has also received some enhancements. One of the enhancements we wanted to make to the calendar was to allow our users to search for events using multiple search filters at the same time. For example, users can now filter for Mountain Bike (Discipline) events in April (Month) in Victoria (Region). It’s hard to believe we couldn’t do that before. There’s also a Map View of events so you can pull up a Google map of any and all Cycling BC events happening throughout the province. Improvements have also been made to make the viewing of the events calendar much easier on mobile devices. In fact, the whole website has been developed with a responsive design to adapt to whatever screen size it is being viewed on.

In addition to these useful improvements, the look & feel, page layouts, and aesthetics of the new site are now cleaner, more modern, and in-line with Cycling BC’s brand and values. Backend enhancements have also been made to improve the site’s search engine optimization, readability, and social sharing.

Award-winning Designers

Cycling BC would like to thank and give credit where credit is due. The team at SplitMango really turned our vision into reality and we can’t thank them enough for their ongoing support. They are true masters of their craft but one of the things they do best is…listen. They listened to our needs, really listened, and then delivered. Cycling BC is very lucky to have SplitMango as a partner and sponsor and would recommend them in heartbeat to anybody looking to build a website. And they love to ride bikes too!

We hope you like our new website as much as we do!

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About SplitMango
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