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Cycling BC Member Vote to Amend 2021 Membership Fees

Updated with additional details on November 4, 2020

Cycling BC is seeking your vote and membership approval on proposed changes to the Cycling BC membership license fee structure for 2021. We have worked hard to achieve balance of members’ needs by maintaining all of the great features and services provided by your existing Cycling BC membership.

As we all know, it has been a challenging year for most. The Cycling BC organization has not been immune to the uncertainty and have felt the increase in key costs, such as insurance and extended operational resources.

As a result of these challenges, we have concluded a need for an increase in licence fees for 2021 in order to maintain the quality of membership. The Board has approached the numbers with careful consideration to balance your membership value with the needs of the organization through the Covid-19 pandemic.

Editorial Note: The information between the horizontal lines below was added on Nov.4, 2020


The Membership Committee met on September 28, 2020, and after extensive discussions related to the impact that COVID-19 has had on Cycling BC’s financial sustainability including membership sales, increasing insurance premiums, and the rising costs of doing business, it was agreed that an increase in membership fees for some licence types is necessary.

Cycling BC membership includes the following benefits for all members, regardless of licence type:

  • Ability to upgrade to a higher tier licence at any time by paying the difference in cost.
  • 24/7 Ride Accident Insurance, including fracture benefit and top-up sport rehab coverage.
  • General Liability Insurance for all members when participating in an organized event (race, club ride).
  • Discounts at various businesses.
  • Access to competitive rates for bike loss/damage insurance.

For Provincial Race licence holders, membership also includes:

  • Access to participate in BC provincial level racing, and the ability to earn upgrade points.

For UCI Races licence holders, membership also includes:

  • Access to participate in out-of-province and international level racing.

Following is the proposed 2021 membership licence fee structure with some additional information on the associated costs to Cycling BC:

Licence Type 2020 Price 2021 Price Anticipated Cost 2021** Net
Cycling for All (RIDE) $65.00 $80.00 $64.10 $15.90
Provincial Race (YOUTH) 65.00 75.00 75.25 -.25
Provincial Race (ADULT) 95.00 120.00 100.40 19.60
UCI U13 60.00 65.00 74.55 -9.55
UCI U17 75.00 80.00 75.60 4.40
UCI U23 140.00 140.00 119.16 20.84
UCI Adult 165.00 165.00 120.91 44.09
UCI Technical 90.00 90.00 85.80 4.20
iRide Mini-Membership 15.00 17.50 4.25 13.25

**Costs include: insurance, affiliation fees, 1/5 administrative overhead.  Race licence costs include event programming costs. Surplus funds are used to support athlete development programming in all disciplines, including training camps for development athletes.

  • At the end of 2019, we increased membership fees by $5.00 in anticipation of a corresponding $5.00 increase in our sport accident insurance premium. The actual increase was $10 per person, negatively impacting our bottom line in the amount of approximately $21K in 2020.
  • We anticipate that in 2021, most former adult UCI race licence holders will start with a Provincial Race licence – we propose increasing this in anticipation of the insurance increase and to acknowledge the increased risk that racing poses to liability insurance rates.
  • For UCI U13 and U17 licences, we propose adding the $5.00 2020 shortfall.
  • For Cycling for All we propose increasing the cost to $80 in anticipation of an increase in sport accident coverage for 2021.
  • For Provincial Race (Youth) we propose increasing the price to cover the 2020 shortfall with some mitigation for 2021, but to keep it slightly cheaper than a UCI U17 licence.

For more information on licences and what each type includes, please visit

With the support of the government, health authorities, and leadership from the Board, Cycling BC members have been able to continue to enjoy cycling with their clubs, teams, in events, or solo with peace of mind and safety as the number one priority.

Together with our clubs, event organizers, officials, coaches, volunteers, supporters, and many stakeholders, we are looking forward to bouncing back stronger for the 2021 season. The Board recently approved our Return to Competition Guidelines which will give you an idea of our vision for what the race season might look like in 2021. With the successes of grassroots time-trial MTB, Road and Gravel races throughout the summer, the Burnaby Velodrome Club’s cohort training and race nights, and the successful Jeremy’s Roubaix and Rock the Ridge over the last couple of weeks, we can see a way forward for the coming season.

Your vote matters so please take a minute to log on to your member account on CCN and vote by 5pm on November 10, 2020.!/events/cycling-bc-member-vote-to-amend-membership-fees-2021


Matt Usborne
Chair, Board of Directors

Erin Waugh
Executive Director