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Cycling BC & Blonyx Partner to Fuel Members’ Athletic Ambitions

Why do you do it? from Blonyx on Vimeo.


Cycling BC is excited to announce a new member benefit partnership with Blonyx, a North Vancouver-based sports nutrition brand helping people achieve their athletic ambition. Blonyx achieves this by providing athletes with premium sports nutrition products that are grounded in science and focused on supporting or improving athletic performance.

“Whether it’s to race your first triathlon, ride that double black diamond or simply be able to play your sport as well as you can, for as long as you can – you have athletic ambition, and you are an athlete,” says founder and CEO of Blonyx, Rowan Minnion.

In 2011, Rowan set out to create a sports nutrition brand that puts its customers and their athletic goals above all else. This meant only selling products that work and providing the best possible customer experience to help athletes get the most out of what they’re taking.

“Cycling BC applauds Blonyx for their commitment to helping athletes of all abilities perform at their best,” says Cycling BC CEO, Erin Waugh. “For our members, whatever their athletic ambition, our partnership with Blonyx provides another valuable resource to help them achieve their goals.”

Blonyx offers an array of sport nutrition supplements from multivitamins, to protein powders, to their Hydra+ energy and electrolyte drink which uses real food ingredients like coconut water, mango, passionfruit, and sea salt. 

Blonyx Hydra+ Product Guide from Blonyx on Vimeo.


For a limited time, Cycling BC members will receive a 20% discount on online purchases made on the Blonyx website using the discount code: CYCLINGBC and Blonyx has pledged to donate 10% of all sales using the discount code back to Cycling BC’s athletic development programs.  

For more information on Blonyx and to make a purchase today, visit