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Result of Vote to Amend 2023 Membership Licence Fees

Updated Dec 15th: Changes in red below.

Dear Cycling BC Members,

The vote on 2023 membership fees concluded at midnight, Sunday, December 11, 2022. The majority of members that voted did not support the fee increase, with 64.4% of the 688 members voting no.

Total Number of Votes: 688
Total Number of Eligible Voters: 5,486  
Total NO votes: 440 (or 64%)
Total YES votes: 245 (or 36%)
Total ABSTAIN votes: 3

Through a thoughtful and thorough process, Cycling BC and the Board have carefully reviewed both the fee structure and annual budget and are currently finalizing a revised proposal reflecting members’ feedback. The new proposal will be shared with members on December 14 in the coming days, allowing for a new vote between December 16 and December 27.

This quick turnaround is driven by the need to ensure our current members are eligible to vote as stipulated by Cycling BC’s bylaws. As current 2022 memberships expire on December 31, delaying would mean that only those members with 2023 memberships would be eligible to exercise their vote. In the meantime, 2023 licenses will be available for purchase between December 14 and January 15 at the 2022 pricing. However, no early bird rates will be applied.

Moving forward and in advance of the 2023 AGM in June, we propose convening a membership committee comprised of community members to work with Cycling BC on any future membership fee proposals. The call for participants for this dedicated committee will be announced in January, and members will be chosen to ensure diverse regional, discipline, and membership-type representation. In addition, we will be surveying members in the new year on what matters most to you, to gather feedback on current programming, and to better understand what else you would like to see from your association.

We take the feedback and comments you’ve shared through emails, online forums, town halls and phone calls to heart. As we enter 2023, our priority continues to be, to connect the thriving cycling community through our mission: to govern cycling competitions and run programs that aim to make cycling at any level available across British Columbia. We will also continue to seek to diversify our revenue sources and bring value-added benefits to our members.

Asking for fee increases is challenging, and Cycling BC appreciates that many of you are pushing us to improve – every challenge is an opportunity. The member engagement over price increases confirms that we have a passionate community looking to us to continue improving, and you have our commitment that we will do so.


Erin Waugh

Deb Intas
Board Chair