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Cycling BC attains viaSport Accredited Status

Cycling BC is pleased to announce that it has achieved recognition as an “Accredited” Provincial Sport Organization (PSO) under viaSport’s Designation Program for 2023.

The viaSport Designation Program classifies sport organizations into one of three categories—Accredited, Recognized, or Affiliated. Each category includes specific minimum standards and criteria that an organization must meet, depending on its size and reach. All designated sport organizations and their members are committed to:

  • the high-quality delivery of sport
  • following standards
  • promoting inclusion, safety, and diversity
  • providing resources to enable the growth the development of sport

Through the sanctioning and hosting of events, and the training and development of coaches and officials, viaSport designated sport organizations help to advance the Ministry’s Pathways to Sport and create sport experiences that are welcoming, diverse, and safe.

Achieving Accredited status also means that organizations are eligible for annual core funding from the Province of BC, exclusive engagement opportunities, and are designated by the National Sport Organization as the provincial organizing body in BC for the sport. Not all sport organizations apply, meet, nor receive this designation.

View all Accredited Provincial and Disability Sport Organizations in BC.

About viaSport:

viaSport supports the sport ecosystem in driving the evolution of high-quality sport experiences that make sport better. Through collaborating with local, provincial, and federal partners, we build public trust and confidence in the promise of amateur sport.

By providing support and resources for the amateur sport sector, we enable all British Columbians to participate in safe, inclusive, and welcoming sport experiences. We endeavour to inspire a love of sport that ultimately contributes to a better quality of life. Through collaboration, inclusion, and accountability, viaSport leads the development and growth of amateur sport in BC.

We help bring more families to the field, fans to the stands, athletes to the podium and sporting events to the province. Learn more about viaSport at